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EC Lee, MR Kelly, BM Ochocki, SM Akinwumi, KE Hamre, JH Tien, and MC Eisenberg. (2017). Model distinguishability and inference robustness in mechanisms of cholera transmission and loss of immunity. J. Theor. Bio., 420, 68-81. (PDFArXiv)

BM Ochocki and TEX Miller. (2017). Rapid evolution of dispersal ability makes biological invasions faster and more variable. Nat. Commun., 8, 14315. PDF
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NK Wagner, BM Ochocki, KM Crawford, A Compagnoni, and TEX Miller. (2016). Genetic mixture of multiple source populations accelerates invasive range expansion. J. Anim. Ecol., 86, 21-34. PDF

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